Hawthorn Gardens, Banbridge

Completion: Fall 2018
  • Hawthorn Gardens is a  high quality housing scheme designed to meet the growing need for social housing within the Banbridge area, with a total of 33 homes including 15 apartments for active older people, four homes suitable for wheelchair users, 12 general needs homes and two general needs apartments.   

  • The design concept is a long linear building with public green space to the front and private green space to the rear. 

  • This development also presented a chance to deliver a shared neighbourhood in an area with a wide range of diverse community background.

  • We worked collaboratively with key stakeholders to promote the scheme as a shared neighbourhood, including attending inter-agency meetings to promote and agree what is the Neighbourhood Charter, bringing 150 children from primary schools in Banbridge to take part in a series of art workshops to help lay foundations for the new shared housing scheme.

  • The images they created captured how young people perceive the community they live in, want their future to be and how people of all backgrounds can make better progress together. 

  • Contract value – circa £4.1m 

  • Architect – RMI Architects  

  • Contractor – Turkington Construction