Cullingtree Meadows, Belfast

Completion: Winter 2016
  • The building, formerly Grovetree House, was bought by Clanmil in 2015 from Belfast Helath and Social Care Trust. Working in partnership with the Trust we developed the building to create  supporting living accommodation for 30 older people with dementia. 

  • The building was planned around the principles of the ‘Dementia Design Standard’, which established the overall building shape and how it sits on the site.

  • The two-storey building is orientated around a central triangular external courtyard. The circulation and communal spaces wrap around this courtyard which is designed to allow tenants to easily understand where they are within the building at any time, acting as a central ‘point of reference’.

  • The circulation corridors avoid dead-end space through the clever use of the triangular configuration. Places of interest and rest are provided throughout this space to allow lots of opportunity for tenants to meet and relax. 

  • Architect – Knox and Clayton 

  • Contractor - Glasgiven 

  • Total scheme cost – circa £5m