Posted on 5 August 2020 Written by Clanmil

Making Great Places

Greg Woods, Design and Delivery Manager

Greg Woods
Greg Woods







Our core vision at Clanmil is that 'everyone has a great home'. The need for great homes has been brought sharply into focus over the 14 weeks of lockdown. Over this period, our homes became the centre of our whole world with many people quickly adapting them to double up as home offices, exercise space, classroom, entertainment space along with countless other creative uses.

The ability for our homes to facilitate our daily lives really has been tested. It is important that we take the time to learn from this experience and remain open to how our homes could be designed to better meet our needs. Lockdown has certainly highlighted the need for the spaces we share to be more flexible.

We are aware of the impact our surroundings have on our health and wellbeing and homes in the future may need to consider more multi-use space where a variety of activities can happen, where we have access to good-quality natural light throughout the day and where increased soundproofing allows spaces to function more effectively for alternative activities.

We believe that the individual homes we build should collectively contribute to making great places and we are passionate about ensuring that high quality design is central to all of our housing developments.

For a number of years now at Clanmil we have run design competitions for each of our new development schemes. This approach provides architects the opportunity to analyse the site context and design a scheme that makes the most of it. The competition ensures that we are designing the best possible scheme for each specific site, respecting the existing pattern of development and enhancing the quality of places.

At Clanmil, we take the long term view. We design our homes in the knowledge that we are creating new communities and that we will have a continued relationship with these communities for generations. Our homes meet lifetime homes and secured by design standards, ensuring that they are safe and adaptable in the long term. We also design bespoke homes for people with physical disabilities, ensuring that the home we provide for them meets their specific long term needs.

This year we are again developing a diverse range of homes including starting work on the refurbishment of an 1850’s mill building in North Belfast and taking handover of the sensitive refurbishment and extension of a listed building at Durham Street, Belfast (which we are delighted to say has won 3 prestigious housing awards to date).

Whilst we might not yet have all the answers as to how our homes can better meet our changing needs, we are certainly asking the questions, while we continue to build great homes that strengthen communities.