Believe in Better

We are a passionate team working to provide homes for people to live well. 

We all play a part, bringing our own unique skills and expertise, and together we contribute to creating a better society for all. Our social purpose and values unite us in delivering homes and services that really make a difference to people’s lives. 

This is an exciting time for Clanmil and we have lots of ambition to do more. With this growth comes real opportunity. 

No matter what your career path to date, housing is a great sector to work in and offers a wide range of rewarding and really varied careers - from our Development team, who plan, negotiate and manage the construction of new homes, our Housing team who provide great services and care to tenants all across Northern Ireland and help create sustainable neighbourhoods, our Assets team who keep our homes safe and well maintained into the future, our ICT team who provide systems and support to make it all happen, our Finance team who are keeping us financially secure and our Corporate Services Team who provide great support and services in Communications, People Management, Project Management and Business Assurance.  

Working in the housing sector can be challenging at times, but it is incredibly rewarding. No matter what your role, your efforts will make a real difference.  

We offer competitive salaries, are open-minded and flexible in working hours and for most roles, provide a hybrid style of working to help you enjoy a great work-life balance. For most of our Domestic and Care Taker roles, we can discuss a work pattern that can work for you and us!

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