To report antisocial behaviour online

Use the ClanmilConnect portal

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To report antisocial behaviour online


We want your neighbourhood to be a place that you’re proud of and somewhere you love living 

If you are aware of antisocial behaviour in your Clanmil neighbourhood, let us know.  We will work with you, your neighbours and, where appropriate, the police and other agencies to deal with the issue. 

Full Antisocial Behaviour Policy

Easy Read Antisocial Behaviour Policy

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Report antisocial behaviour to Clanmil

Report antisocial behaviour online on the ClanmilConnect portal 

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Or, phone your Housing Officer on 028 9087 6000 

You’ll need to provide the following information so the ASB can be investigated: 

  • the time and date of the incident 

  • where the incident took place 

  • the type of incident you are reporting 

  • who was involved 

  • any other witnesses 

  • incident number or crime reference number (where applicable) 

What to expect when you report antisocial behaviour


Report antisocial behaviour to the police

You can report antisocial behaviour to the police. You can do this online by visiting the PSNI website 

The police are responsible for dealing with complaints about: 

  • assault 

  • criminal damage 

  • disorderly behaviour 

  • drink/drug related offences 

  • harassment 

  • breach of the peace 

If you report an incident to the police remember to ask for an incident number.  You may need this later if the antisocial behaviour means that you feel you can no longer live in your home and want to be rehoused by the Housing Executive. 


What is Antisocial Behaviour?  

Antisocial behaviour, also called ASB, can ruin people’s lives and unsettle a community.  It is behaviour that prevents people from living peacefully in their homes. 

  • Physical violence and/or threats of violence 

  • Hate-related incidents (such as those based on race, sexual orientation, gender, disability or belief) 

  • Verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation or threatening behaviour 

  • Noise nuisance – an ongoing or persistent noise at any time of the day or night 

  • Vandalism and damage to property, including graffiti 

  • Dropping litter or dumping rubbish, including fly-tipping 

  • Criminal behaviour, for example prostitution or sexual acts, drug dealing, violence or threats of violence 

  • Pets being allowed to foul in public spaces 

  • Misuse of communal areas, public areas or loitering. 

What happens if you've been accused of antisocial behaviour?


What isn’t antisocial behaviour? 

We would not normally consider behaviour associated with culture or lifestyle, or behaviour that wouldn’t be considered unreasonable by most people, as antisocial behaviour.  


  • Children playing 

  • Poor condition of property/garden 

  • Car parking 

  • Babies crying 

  • People gossiping in the street 

  • Disputes on social media 

  • Dirty looks or rude gestures 

  • DIY at reasonable times 

  • Cooking odours 

  • Smoking in own homes 

  • One-off parties 

  • Roaming dogs 

  • Occasional dog barking 

  • Dog fouling 

  • Cats in gardens 

  • Life-style clash 

  • Day to day living noises such as footsteps in a neighbouring property, or household appliances, or music or TV noise at a low level.