The environment

Climate change is the challenge of a generation and we are committed to playing our part in protecting the planet for future generations.

The new homes we build are energy efficient and we are investing in retrofitting our existing homes to bring them up to modern energy standards.  As well as helping to protect the environment, this will save customers money and help combat fuel poverty.

We are encouraging our customers and colleagues to join us on this journey by raising environmental awareness and nurturing a culture that values the environment, community landscapes and energy efficiency.  Even the small things like making recycling easy for people, wildflower planting and using FSC certified paper for our publications have an impact.

Our Environmental Strategy 2021-26 has four main objectives:

To Ensure Effective Energy Management

by managing our bills, tracking tariffs and lowering our consumption

To Deliver Sustainable Homes

by building more energy efficient homes, improving energy ratings and retrofitting energy saving measures in our homes

To Deliver Positive Environmental Management

by managing our sites in an environmentally sensitive way. Promoting good habitat and biodiversity

To Raise Environmental Awareness

by supporting our customers, colleagues and the organisation to be more energy and environmentally aware. Supporting initiatives and community projects to make positive changes together