Equality matters

Housing Associations in Northern Ireland have a statutory obligation to promote equality under Section 75 of the Northern Ireland Act 1998.

This legislation is specific to Northern Ireland and is aimed at promoting good relations between people of different religious beliefs, political opinion and race.

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Annual Progress Report

Each year we report our progress in fulfilling our statutory equality and good relations duties and implementing our Equality Scheme commitments to the Northern Ireland Equality Commission.

Read our Annual Progress Report 2022-23

Read our Annual Progress Report 2021-22

Read our Annual Progress Report 2020-21

Read our Annual Progress Report 2019-20

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For earlier progress reports, email equality@clanmil.org.uk


Equality Screening

Under our Section 75 duties we screen our policies to identify any that are likely to have an impact on equality of opportunity.

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Equality Impact Assessments

We carry our Equality Impact assessments on new policies to ensure they are fair and don’t present barriers to participation or disadvantage any groups protected under Section 75.

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Disability Action Plan

Under Section 49B of the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, we are required to submit to the Equality Commission a disability action plan showing how we propose to fulfil our disability duties.

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