Our Purpose Drives Us

Our purpose is the reason we exist.  It’s why we come to work every day – a shared goal that we are working towards.

We are here to…

Provide homes for people to live well

Because we know that quality homes and connected communities create safety, stability and opportunity in society.

Our Values Guide Us

Our values are the heartbeat of Clanmil.  They guide the way we behave and the decisions we make so that we do everything we can to support our customers and their communities to thrive.

We are Clanmil and we…

We believe there's always an opportunity to leave a positive lasting impressions if you show compassion and demonstrate you care.  We see the person, not the problem.  And whilst we know that sometimes we might have to have a tough conversation or make a hard decision, we will always act with honesty, fairness and respect regardless of the circumstances.  After all we're a people business, so trust and great relationships are really important. 

With a world of opportunity and head full of possibility, we have a shared ambition to do more.  We challenge ourselves, each other, what we do and the world around us to not just settle but improve and to strive for better.  We remain curious about what could be, embracing change whilst never losing sight of what we believe in.  We are a force for good, so we're confident to stand up and be counted.

Together we are stronger.  It's as simple as that.  By working as one with colleagues, customers and communities we can make real change happen, overcome challenges and move things forward with great energy.  It feels good to be part of something, right?  We all see the world differently and we might not always agree.  We embrace that.  We celebrate our diversity and the benefit that brings as we know that with unity comes strength.