Electrical Safety

Electrical safety is achieved by us all working together.

What we do

As a landlord, we carry out a number of checks on electricity systems. We usually test electrical circuits every 5 years to ensure they are safe and, we check portable electrical equipment annually.

What you need to do

If your electricity isn’t working and you think an appliance has caused the problem, you are responsible for carrying out a basic check and if necessary, reset the trip switches.

Here’s how to reset a trip switch:

  • Disconnect the electrical equipment you suspect may be faulty

  • If your home has a fuse box, turn off the mains switch and check that the right fuses have been used

  • If your home has circuit breakers rather than a fuse box, turn off the mains and reset the circuit. Don’t keep replacing a fuse or resetting the circuit breakers without correcting the fault.

If the problem continues and you can’t find the fault, then please contact us

Call 028 9087 6000

Email repairs@clanmil.org.uk

If you get an electric shock from either a switch or a socket, contact us immediately.

Do not use the switch or socket that caused the electrical shock and turn the circuit off at the fuse box or circuit breaker.