Gas Safety

A fault with any gas or solid fuel equipment can be dangerous. It can lead to a leak of an odourless gas called carbon monoxide, which if breathed in, will make you unwell and can kill.

Appliance Checks

We carry out gas appliance checks once a year in line with the law.

It’s important that you provide access for our contractor to do these checks. If we can't get into your home by the annual service date, we may need to switch off your gas supply until it has been serviced to make sure it's safe. If you refuse to provide access this may result in us taking legal action under your tenancy agreement.

We only use GasSafe Registered contractors, who will always carry photo ID showing their registration.

An unqualified tradesperson should never work on any gas appliance.

Be Aware

Symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include tiredness or drowsiness, headache, chest pains and stomach pains.

If you notice yellow or orange flames, soot or stains around a gas appliance in your home, or your pilot light often blows out, this could mean a problem. If you suspect a boiler or gas appliance isn’t working correctly, don’t use it. 

Contact the Gas Emergency Service immediately.  Call 0800002001

Also, let us know. Call 028 9087 6000