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Request a Transfer Online


Moving Home

Is your home too big? Or maybe you'd like to live in a different area?

If you're interested in moving, ClanmilConnect is the quickest and easiest way to request a transfer, but you can also contact your Neighbourhood Services Officer on 028 9087 6000

If you currently rent your home from another social housing provider - NIHE or another housing association - you can apply for a transfer by contacting your landlord directly.

All social housing providers follow the same rules on allocations and transfers.

Mutual Exchange

You could also consider swapping your home with another social housing tenant through a mutual exchange.

This is often the best way to find the house you want in your chosen area.

To find someone to exchange your home with, sign up to Homeswapper - a free online service that can help you find other housing association tenants for a mutual exchange.

Register with Homeswapper

There are conditions that apply and you need your landlord's permission to swap tenancies with someone else.

If you're considering a mutual exchange, talk to your Neighbourhood Services Officer on 028 9087 6000