Estate Walkabouts

Estate walkabouts are an important way of finding out what Clanmil customers think of the service and what we can do to improve communities. 

They give you a chance to meet Clanmil colleagues and share your views and ideas on how we can keep your housing development clean, safe and welcoming to you and your visitors.

If you have ideas on how to improve where you live, please join us on an estate walkabout between now and October. 


For details of the dates and times for your area, please click on the link below to view a PDF.

During each estate walkabout, Clanmil colleagues will take note of issues that come up and prepare an action plan, which will be shared with all residents within four to six weeks. 

This year’s programme started in May and will run until October 2023.

An estate walkabout will not usually take place at smaller developments with fewer than 10 properties. If the details of the walkabout changes, your Neighbourhood Services Officer will let you know. 

Download the list of estate walkabouts for 2023 

Who organises an estate walkabout?  

Clanmil’s Neighbourhood Services Officers (NSOs) organise the walkabouts and together with the Assets officer for the development, will invite you to join in. 

If you have a question about estate walkabouts please contact the Customer Engagement team by emailing  

How do you notify people?

You will receive a notification by post from your local NSO two weeks before the walkabout date.  

All you have to do is some along to the meeting point and meet our Clanmil colleagues. They will be wearing Clanmil-branded hi-viz vests so they will be easy to spot. Each estate walkabout lasts from one to two hours.  

Some estate walkabouts will include a litter pick, and all equipment will be provided. 

Keep up to date with the latest news 

Keep an eye out on our social media channels for up-to-date information about the estate walkabouts. We look forward to seeing you!