How homes are allocated

All applications for social housing are assessed by the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) using the Housing Selection Scheme.

When your housing application has been assessed you will be placed on the Common Waiting lists for your areas of choice. The number of points you have been awarded by NIHE during their assessment of your application will determine your position on the waiting list for the areas you have chosen.

When a home becomes available in your areas of choice, it will be allocated to the person on the waiting list for that area with the greatest need (most points) at that time. Where points are equal, the date on which the application was received will decide the order in which applicants are offered accommodation.

A social housing provider, like Clanmil, will contact you when they are in a position to offer you a home. They will tell you the address of the property, the number of bedrooms and the weekly cost. You will be entitled to a maximum of three reasonable offers. If you refuse three reasonable offers you may not receive any further offers for a period of one year.

You are responsible for the accuracy of all information provided on your application form and during your assessment. If you are allocated a home on the basis of false or incorrect information your tenancy may be terminated.

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