Clanmil joins with Inspire to promote wellbeing for colleagues and customers   Posted on 23 August 2023

A free online platform that aims to improve mental health and wellbeing is now available for Clanmil customers and colleagues.  

iConnect is a collection of online resources that has been created by Inspire, a charity and social enterprise that focuses on promoting wellbeing through mental health, intellectual/learning disability and professional wellbeing services. 

Anyone can use iConnect, but it is particularly helpful for individuals who are experiencing mental ill health or issues with substance use.  

The platform provides bespoke resources and self-help tools on a range of different topics, from sleep, money worries and advice, self-esteem, anxiety and addictive behaviors and much more.  

There are also a number of interactive elements, including a mood and sleep tracker, and a goal-setting programme linked to the Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing model, which are built into each individual's unique dashboard. The Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing are about focusing on the activities and tasks that help us to Be Active, Take Notice, Connect, Keep Learning and Give.  

Once registered, individuals can gather the information most relevant to them, making it easy to dip in and out when needed. There’s an option to track progress and set weekly targets, as well as links to resources and videos and podcasts that can help and support people in reaching their goals.  

Clanmil Community Investment Manager Jennifer Cuthbert said: 

“This partnership with Inspire has enabled us to provide a much-needed free resource for our customers and colleagues, and we recognise that in these challenging times, anything to support mental health and wellbeing and build resilience, is to be welcomed. We look forward to continuing to work with Inspire to deliver services to those in need.” 

Inspire Chief Executive Kerry Anthony MBE added: 

“Our partnership with Clanmil has given us the opportunity to empower people to ask, listen and talk about mental health and with the iConnect digital wellbeing tool, we are encouraging individuals and communities to seek help, support one another and amplify our message of wellbeing for all. Collaboration is really important to Inspire. Our work with Clanmil has allowed us to embed shared values and a shared vision of positive mental health for people and communities. We are already starting to see the benefits of working together and we are excited to see this partnership grow.”   

To date there have been almost 130 visits to the website and the most popular pages are: Take 5 Steps to Wellbeing; Support Services; Your Dashboard; Living with Long Covid and Guided Self-Help. 

Clanmil customers and colleagues can access iConnect here: