Clanmil Launches New Customer Strategy Posted on 14 December 2022

Clanmil has today launched its first Customer Strategy, setting out the road map that will guide how we move forward alongside customers over the next four years to provide the homes and services they need. 

The strategy has been co-designed with Clanmil customers and its aim is to transform the relationship between Clanmil and our customers so that we become a truly customer driven organisation. We want to improve how our customers experience us, and our services, so that satisfaction levels are consistently high.

Customer Strategy Launch Picture
Carol McTaggart, Clanmil Group Chief Executive launching the new Customer Strategy with Maria McConville the new chair of  the Customer Council and Anne Mc Veigh the Vice Chair of the Central Customer Council

Carol McTaggart, Group Chief Executive at Clanmil, said:

“At Clanmil we are committed to reshaping the relationship we have with our customers, and I am delighted that today we are launching our first Customer Strategy that sets out how, working with customers, we hope to do that.

“We need to listen to, learn from and act upon what our customers tell us, so that we can deliver better services.”

Carol added:

“We are excited about the journey ahead and are committed to embedding a truly customer centric culture throughout Clanmil that supports our customers to live well.”

Maria McConville is a Clanmil tenant and Chair of the Customer Council, the central consultative panel made up of tenants and Clanmil Board members.  She said:

“I am proud to have been part of the group that helped create this strategy.  It has been designed with partnership at its core and explains in detail the path that Clanmil has committed to taking alongside its customers. Both Clanmil customers and colleagues are set to benefit from this new approach. By working together, we can build better and happier Clanmil Communities.”

The new strategy was launched at a festive lunch held to thank customers who have been actively involved in engagement activities throughout the year for their continued support.

Read Clanmil’s new Customer Strategy here.