Clanmil Launches New Older People Strategy Posted on 8 December 2023

Clanmil has today launched a new Older People Strategy, setting out how we will provide services to our older customers over the next three years.

Northern Ireland is an ageing society with older people now making up nearly one third of the population. In addition, loneliness has become a significant issue with 30% of people over 80 describing themselves as feeling lonely.

At Clanmil, we provide a range of accommodation and support for almost 2,000 older people across Northern Ireland.  Our new Older People Strategy, co-designed with customers and colleagues, sets out how we plan to adapt our offer to ensure we continue to provide the homes and services that people need to live well as they age.

Carol McTaggart, Group Chief Executive at Clanmil, said:

“People are now living for longer and their expectations are changing. At Clanmil, we recognise that our services need to be flexible and adapt to these changes so that we continue to provide the homes and services that older people need to live independently for as long as they can, comfortable and safe in communities where they are valued, and where their voices are heard.

“This strategy will ensure that we are focusing our efforts where they have more impact.  This is particularly important at a time when there is increasing pressure on social and healthcare provision.”

Eddie Lynch, Commissioner for Older People for Northern Ireland, said:

The ageing population is here now, and this population needs and demands more housing options. The strength of supported independent living is that it is based on the principles of autonomy and personal choice. Given that emphasis on 'choice', supported independent living within housing schemes is likely to be central to addressing our current and future housing needs. I welcome Clanmil's commitment today to providing the homes, support and care that we need as we grow older."

Carol McTaggart, Trea McAllister and Pol Callaghan
Group Chief Executive, Carol McTaggart, Clanmil customer Trea McAllister and Executive Director of Customer & Communities, Pol Callaghan

Trea McAllister lives in Clanmil accommodation for active older people and was involved in shaping the new Older People Strategy.  She said:

“I am proud to have been part of the group that helped create this strategy.  Older people have so much to offer society and it is great to see that Clanmil recognises this and is committed to providing the types of homes and the support that we need to get the most from life.”

The new strategy was launched at a festive event where guests were entertained by Harding Memorial Primary School choir.

Read Clanmil’s new Older People Strategy here.