Residents try ‘Healthy Nosh for Less Dosh’ at cookery workshop Posted on 15 February 2023

People living in Clanmil Housing’s Legion Court and Hawthorn Gardens developments in Banbridge got together recently to take part in a healthy eating and cookery workshop led by expert nutritionist Jane McClenaghan.

The workshop, called ‘Healthy Nosh for Less Dosh’, was designed to encourage healthier food choices without putting pressure on household budgets.  Something that is more important than ever in the current cost of living crisis.

Jane McClenaghan who delivered the workshop is a nutritional therapist, newspaper columnist and author who runs a company called Vital Nutrition.

She explained that while cooking healthy food on a budget can be ‘a bit of a juggling act’ she stressed that good food needn't be expensive.

Jane shared some useful advice with residents on shopping and food prep, and demonstrated an inexpensive, protein-rich lentil and tomato soup that everyone was keen to try.

Jane said “The nutrition workshop with Clanmil residents was a great session. Everyone really enjoyed it and there was a lot of interaction and sharing of ideas about how to eat well on a budget, as well as cooking for one and practical suggestions to help reduce food waste. Everyone had innovative ideas to share, and left with at least one or two changes to their shopping list”.

Jane added:

“Getting residents together as a community is a great way to connect, share ideas and have a bit of craic. Wellbeing is as much about social connection and interaction as it is about diet and lifestyle. These classes are a perfect opportunity to help support residents to make simple changes that may have a huge impact on their wellbeing”. 

Frances who lives at Legion Court, said she really enjoyed the workshop.

“We should have more events like this workshop and it was good to bring along residents from another Clanmil scheme, Hawthorn Gardens to join in. I met some lovely people, and I gained knowledge too. Well done to those involved”.

) Michael, Joan and Frances enjoying themselves at the Workshop
Michael, Joan and Frances enjoying themselves at the Workshop. 

Carol McTaggart, Group Chief Executive at Clanmil, also attended the workshop and said:

“At Clanmil we aim to provide support and services to help people to live well, and this workshop was a great way for us to learn more about healthy eating while having fun and socialising. We’re delighted that we can deliver workshops like this through the Shared Housing programme for Hawthorn Gardens as it brings residents together so they can get to know each other. Thanks to Jane for a fantastic workshop, to everyone who took part and shared their ideas, and to the Legion Court and Community Cohesion teams for organising.” 

2.(L-R) Valerie Lutton Legion Court, Carol McTaggart Clanmil, Austin Kelly Clanmil, Carol Hanna Hawthorn Gardens, Jacqueline Shepard Clanmil, Jane McClenaghan Vital Nutrition, Christine Campbell Hawthorn Gardens,
(L-R) Valerie Lutton Legion Court, Carol McTaggart Clanmil, Austin Kelly Clanmil, Carol Hanna Hawthorn Gardens, Jacqueline Shepard Clanmil, Jane McClenaghan Vital Nutrition, Christine Campbell Hawthorn Gardens,

Cherie Matchett, Chair of Hawthorn Gardens Tenant’s Association commented:

“It’s great to see people who don’t get out too often interacting with others. I think this event will make me think more about being healthy and what was cooked today was made very quickly and was very tasty. It was good food for less money and makes you think more about your purchases”.

The workshop was part of the Good Relations plan associated with Clanmil’s shared housing development at Hawthorn Gardens.

Clanmil currently has eight shared housing developments across Northern Ireland and is promoting a further three. The Hawthorn Gardens (Banbridge) Good Relations Plan includes ‘Bridging’ events which are delivered to the wider community to encourage a range of good relations outcomes which include health and wellbeing, education and training.
Clanmil supported the Healthy eating workshop in the Hawthorn Gardens Good Relations Plan.  Hawthorn Gardens is one of the initial 10 T:buc developments, which were a headline action in the NI Executive T:buc Strategy.  The shared housing development opened in 2019.
Clanmil Housing continues to work in partnership with the local Advisory Group stakeholders, and with residents to develop the scheme’s Good Relations Plan. The project is supported through the NI Executive Together: Building a United Community Strategy, which reflects the Executive’s commitment to improving community relations and continuing the journey towards a more united and shared society.  The Hawthorn Gardens shared housing development is also supported by the Department for Communities and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive’s ‘Housing for All’ Shared Housing Programme.
A total of £2,402,000 was invested in the shared housing development and associated five-year Good Relations Plan. This includes the Housing Association Grant of £2,059,000 and Good Relations Support of £343,000
For information about the Together: Building a United Community, visit: The Executive Office - Together: Building a United Community .
For more information about the Shared Housing Programme, visit: Department for Communities - Shared Housing Programme