Homes for Ukraine scheme

We are happy to support customers who want to get involved in the Government's Homes for Ukraine scheme. 

To begin with, you should check you meet the Government's criteria and confirm that you're allowed to take in a lodger under the terms of your tenancy. You can check your tenancy agreement for this information or contact your Neighbourhood Services Officer.

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Read our Homes for Ukraine FAQs


Factors to Consider

You cannot create overcrowding in your home

The number of people allowed to live in your home under the Housing Selection Scheme will not change. Therefore, you must have the required space to accommodate a lodger. We will not grant permission if it means you will exceed the permitted number of occupants in your home.  

What it would mean for your finances

You should check how changes to your income could affect your household finances or any benefits you receive. Our Money Advice Team can help with this.

Contact our Money Advisors:

Call 028 9087 6000


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You must get Clanmil’s permission before taking in a lodger

We may not grant permission when: 

  • there is ongoing antisocial behaviour, or a history of recurring antisocial behaviour associated with your tenancy  
  • there is a Notice of Seeking Possession against the tenancy 
  • we are pursuing possession proceedings against the tenancy 
  • there are significant rent arrears on the rent account 
  • it will create overcrowding in your home. 

Introductory Tenants do not have the right to take in a lodger. 

A Big Decision

It's a big decision to agree to let someone you may not know into your home for at least six months. We urge you to think carefully about this and how it will impact your family. You should consider that some of the refugees may be traumatised and will need support.

Some things you may wish to consider: 

  • If there is a child or children, can they go to the local school? 
  • How will you manage if they do not speak English? 
  • Is your home suitable for families, older people etc.? 

If you are approved to take a refugee into your home, and Clanmil as your landlord grants permission, this is an agreement you make with the Government. Clanmil will not get involved with any issues relating to this agreement.  

You will be responsible for your lodger and their behaviour whilst they live in your home.  

  • You are responsible for your lodger(s) keeping to the conditions of your tenancy agreement
  • Your tenancy will be at risk if there are any serious breaches of the tenancy agreement. 

Whilst we hope everything goes well, you should consider what you would do if you would like your lodger to leave. It isn't Clanmil’s responsibility to help with this if things don't go to plan.  
Please wait until you've been told by the Government that your home is suitable, and you have our written permission, before you proceed. 
You must let us know if you successfully take in a refugee so we can update our records.