How to apply for a home

New Housing Applications

To apply for any social housing in Northern Ireland, including a home with Clanmil, you need to submit an application form to the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE).

Apply Online

Or call NIHE directly on 03448 920900

NIHE staff can help you complete the form if required. Completed forms should be returned to your local NIHE Office.

NIHE will carry out an assessment and will award you points to reflect your housing need.

You will be asked to pick one first preference area of choice, followed by an unlimited number of areas with no order preference relating to where you would like to live. NIHE will place you on the Common Waiting list for these areas. When a suitable home becomes available in your areas of choice, it is allocated to the person on the waiting list with the greatest need (the most points) at that time.

You only need to apply once for housing, as your application will be accessible to all social housing providers in Northern Ireland.

If you currently rent your home from another social housing provider - NIHE or another housing association - you can apply for a transfer by contacting your landlord directly.

All social housing providers follow the same rules on allocations and transfers.

Moving home