Everyone has the right to be safe and respected, and to be heard

We aim to support people to retain independence and live life safe and happy in their home, free from abuse and neglect.

Read our policy on adult safeguarding

Read our policy on child safeguarding

Everyone has a role to play in making this happen. If you see something, say something.

What is abuse?

While most people will never fall victim to abuse, it can unfortunately happen to anyone.

Be aware of the signs of abuse, neglect or inappropriate behaviour so that you recognise when they are happening to you, a friend or a neighbour.

Look out for:

  • Unexpected physical injuries such as bruises or burn marks
  • Someone being unusually untidy, hungry or thirsty
  • Someone who is more withdrawn or avoids being touched
  • Someone who is struggling financially more than usual
  • Someone who stops doing things they used to enjoy
  • Someone else telling them what to do
  • Nobody comes when they call out for help


How you can help

If you suspect a person is at risk of harm, or if you yourself are being abused, contact our Safeguarding Champions immediately for advice and support.

Brendan Morrissey 028 9087 6000

Danielle Dawson 028 90492527

or email  safeguarding@clanmil.org.uk

Our colleagues are trained in safeguarding and can help with any safeguarding concerns you may have.

Alternatively, contact your local Health and Social Care Trust

Belfast Trust, Tel: 028 9504 1744

Southern Eastern Trust, Tel: 028 9250 1227

Northern Trust, Tel: 028 94442 3659

Southern Trust, Tel: 028 3756 4423

Western Trust, Tel: 028 7161 1366

Evenings or weekends, Tel 028 9504 9999


You can also contact the PSNI

PSNI: 101

In an emergency: 999